Enter the Vault and Choose Your Reward...

How does the vault work?

Click the enter button and find the NFT you want. Purchase a Vault Key from the store in our Discord using Floyd's Gold Bits and use the key. Then DM the NFT ID to Floyd and he'll send it to you.

What are Floyd's Gold Bits and how do I get them?

Floyd's Gold Bits are the official currency of Floyd's Discord and can be used to buy NFT rewards from the server store such as Wizard's Piss, Floyd's Gold Coins, and access to the vault to claim any NFT stored inside. You can earn Gold Bits by contributing NFTs to the vault, gambling in Gambler's Alley, in the work house 

How do I contribute NFTs to the vault?

Yes! Just send the NFT you want to contribute to jenkinvlt.gm and enter your Discord name in the memo. You will then be rewarded with 100 Gold Bits for every $1 that the NFT's median price is.

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